WP-Deadbolt 3.0

WP-Deadbolt 3.0 is compatible with WordPress 2.1.x, 2.2.x, WordPress 2.3.x and WordPress 2.5

WP-Deadbolt 3.0 is an updated version of my older WP-Deadbolt, a plugin designed for WordPress that allows blog owners to have more control over the e-mail addresses that are used during the registration process.

WP-Deadbolt 3.0 allows for whitelisting or blacklisting of domains.

WP-Deadbolt 3.0 is improved over the older version in that you now have the choice between using whitelisting and blacklisting.

WP-Deadbolt 3.0 means no more file editing!

WP-Deadbolt 3.0 is completely configurable via the WordPress administration area. Just navigate to Options -> WP-Deadbolt and you can add or remove domains, toggle between white/blacklisting and personalize the message that is shown when someone is denied registration.

WP-Deadbolt in action

WP-Deadbolt Installation:

Users of the older version of this plugin are reminded to deactivate the old version of the plugin, delete the old wp-deadbolt.php from their WordPress plugins directory and then upload a fresh copy of this plugin.
  1. Upload wp-deadbolt.php and deadbolt_options.php to your WordPress plugins directory.
  2. Activate WP-Deadbolt (via the Plugin Management page)
  3. Navigate to Options –> WP-Deadbolt to make changes and add domains.

WP-Deadbolt 3.0 requires WordPress 2.1.0 or above. It is not compatible with WordPress 2.0.x

Download WP-Deadbolt 3.0

Download WP-Deadbolt 3.0 ( hits)
MD5 checksum: 68817953ef990e4c99ba9144c037562a

A good starter list of spammy domains that I have personally caught attempting to register is available here. You can also download the most current WP-Deadbolt blacklist update that will add 830 of the spammiest domains for you, with one click.

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47 Responses to “WP-Deadbolt 3.0”

1 On May 23rd, 2007 YikYak typed :

I can't get to the WP-Deadbolt 3 zip file, it gives me a "no link" URL, any ideas? Thanks.

2 On May 23rd, 2007 YikYak typed :

Firefox just throws a blank at me, no file to download, save, whatever.
I happily download zips elsewhere. Internet Explorer "cannot read this webpage format". Any ideas? Can you email me the zip?

3 On May 24th, 2007 whoo answered:

You were actually right John, the name of the script aside, the download wasn't working, even though the link was right. I don't know what broke or why, but I've fixed it.

Thank you again!

4 On June 10th, 2007 Jeff typed :

Hi! I installed the new plugin, but when I go to "Options" and Manage Deadbolt, it returns me to the main page of my blog… Any ideas?

5 On June 11th, 2007 Jeff typed :

Nevermind. I had uploaded the whole folder to the plugins. After I moved the two files (per instructions), it works like a charm! Thanks!

I would also suggest adding the following two domains to your list:

6 On June 13th, 2007 Covi typed :

Wrong uri to options page:

Thx by plugin ;)

7 On June 13th, 2007 Covi typed :

I didn't remember the path of plugin, i think this is recommended for use, edit de wp-deadbolt.php, near line 70 on function deadbolt_optionsmenu() add the path of u plugin. Ex:
add_submenu_page('options-general.php', 'WP-Deadbolt', 'WP-Deadbolt', '8', 'wp-deadbolt.3.0/deadbolt_options.php');

8 On June 13th, 2007 whoo answered:

um no, you didn't follow the install directions. covi.

I said :

Upload wp-deadbolt.php and deadbolt_options.php to your WordPress plugins directory.

You havent. You uploaded a directory named wp-deadbolt.3.0 (the files are inside that directory) to your plugins directory.

Thats why YOU need to edit the path.

For everyone else that might come along and read this - follow the install instructions, and you dont have to edit anything.

9 On June 15th, 2007 Covi typed :

I know the instructions… but that's doesn't the typically way to install a plugin. I've only added a option for standardize the plugin: each plugin inside his path.

I know this is not necessary ;)

10 On July 21st, 2007 Marcelo (S!) typed :

Problem: I can't activate the plugin.

Whenever I try the whole site crashes saying:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare deadbolt() (previously declared in /home/am/public_html/wp-content/plugins/simple-forum/wp-deadbolt-WP21.php:20) in /home/am/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-deadbolt.php on line 22

I just have to remove the files from the plugin directory in order to get the site back working.

How can I fix it? (WordPress 2.1.3)


11 On July 21st, 2007 whoo answered:

Look at the error, Marcelo — you're using the copy of this that was made for simple-forum

they share function names — so you need to rename 1 set — either in the WP plugin or the simple-forum one.

Check the wordpress.org thread where you first asked the question about this …

12 On July 22nd, 2007 Marcelo (S!) typed :

Wonderful! It now works like a charm. Thanks a lot!

13 On August 28th, 2007 anabelle (S!) typed :

hey, im using it as a whitelist but it doesnt seem to work, i've added to domains (huellaspyp.com and academia.poligran.edu.co) to the list, one per line but i still can register with ANY email.

Im also using the Themed Login Plugin

could this be the problem?

14 On August 28th, 2007 whoo answered:


i dont know, but the quickest way to find out is to disable that other plugin.

15 On August 28th, 2007 anabelle (S!) typed :

8) I tried that, and it still doesn't work :(

what else can i check? :?:

16 On August 28th, 2007 whoo answered:

what blog are you using this on? the one linked off your name here? huellaspyp.com??

thats a 2.0.6 wordpress version and you will notice I say above that this plugin isnt compatible with wordpress 2.0.x

17 On August 28th, 2007 anabelle (S!) typed :

not im using it on serviciocolectivo.com "wp 2.2.2"

18 On August 28th, 2007 whoo answered:

I dont know anabelle, Ive just doublechecked the white listing on a 2.2 install AND a 2.3.alpha install and it works.
you can see it in action on the 2.3.x install here:


i used exactly what you said you are using.

19 On September 5th, 2007 stefan typed :

this plugin is 100% what i was looking for. thank you so far. :roll:
but: i have a small problem, because i am using the plugin "themed login and register". this one takes some effect on the original files of wp-register and wp-login. for example: wp-login redirects to wp-register , which is much bigger and has several functions in it.
so if this new version of deadbolt takes effect on wp-login it won't work at my blog. is there a line like in in the older version i could insert into my wp-register.php to let the plugin take effect in the right place ?
if you want to take a look at it first, please use the domain of my email-adress.
thank you, stefan

20 On September 19th, 2007 Alex typed :

The enabled state of the whitelisting option does not persist if the plugin is turned off and turned back on (during upgrading for example). This option should be made to retain its setting even after Deadbolt has been disabled.

21 On October 5th, 2007 Ryan typed :

Hey dude well done on the Plugin, exactly what I was looking for works like a charm, will recommend it to all who ask me.

22 On October 24th, 2007 Mike typed :

Greta plugin but a shame it does not work in Wordpress 2.3 Any chance this will be changed sometime in the near future?

23 On October 24th, 2007 Mike typed :

Further to my last comment, the plugin does work in Wordpress 2.3 I had uploaded incorectly. Many thanks for the plugin it is just what I was looking for.


24 On November 5th, 2007 MysterHK typed :

This is a wonderful security plug-in. I've already incorporated it on to my blog site and put a demonstration post as well as a link back to your site. Keep up the great work!

25 On January 1st, 2008 quarkdoll typed :

great plugin idea - thanks. (sucks that you do a non-standard plugin install (that it doesn't unpack into a wp-deadbolt directory under plugins.))
for those people who want to install this in the defacto plugin structure:
. make a directory under plugins called "wp-deadbolt"
. unpack the zip file into that directory
. edit wp-deadbolt.php with the following changes
line 72:
add_submenu_page('options-general.php', 'WP-Deadbolt', 'WP-Deadbolt', '8', 'deadbolt_options.php');
add_submenu_page('options-general.php', 'WP-Deadbolt', 'WP-Deadbolt', '8', 'wp-deadbolt/deadbolt_options.php');
line 77:
add_action('activate_wp-deadbolt.php', 'deadbolt_install');
add_action('activate_wp-deadbolt/wp-deadbolt.php', 'deadbolt_install');

26 On March 4th, 2008 pajamadeen typed :

quarkdoll wrote: sucks that you do a non-standard plugin install (that it doesn't unpack into a wp-deadbolt directory under plugins)

i don't think it sucks that it doesn't unpack into a wp-deadbolt directory. jeez. it's no biggie if you read the instructions. personally, i'm _grateful_ to the author for writing it!

27 On March 24th, 2008 Steven typed :

Have been using the plugin for a now and today I'm checking the plugin with WP 2.5 (trunk r7499). When using a whitelist and you try to register with a mail domain that's not allowed then you get the following error:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /usr/home/…/wp-content/plugins/deadbolt/wp-deadbolt.php on line 42

Which is:

$errors['deadbolt'] = get_option('deadbolt_message');

Any idea how to solve this?

28 On March 24th, 2008 whoo answered:

Hmmm, this was one of the first plugins I tested with a SVN of 2.5. I'll grab the latest and take a look.

29 On March 24th, 2008 whoo answered:

I feel tremendously stupid as I had this working on the SVN a month or so ago, and in doing some other stuff, I lost the working file. I will have to go through and figure out the changes again.

30 On March 24th, 2008 Steven typed :

Ok, no worries, I will try to come up with a fix as well.

31 On March 24th, 2008 whoo answered:


The fix for that is simple. Its this:


that is unresolved. If you are willing to hack wp-login.php then I can provide the one changed line inside wp-deadbolt.php. If not, than I need to wait.

32 On March 25th, 2008 Steven typed :

When you change:
$errors['deadbolt'] = get_option('deadbolt_message');

$errors->add('deadbolt', get_option('deadbolt_message'));

Then the error message function of wp-login.php gets populated in the right way in WP 2.5. Although this is populates the error message function, it doesn't stop the script of creating the new user account and it doesn't return the error message!

To be continued…

33 On March 25th, 2008 whoo answered:

I know. Steven. Thats the one changed line :P

34 On June 27th, 2008 AriK (S!) typed :

Hi, just wondering why this great plugin cannot be found from the wp plugin database.

I'm moving to 2.5 and thought that I will get a notification of upgrades only for those plugins in "official" database. Is it so?

35 On August 8th, 2008 AriK (S!) typed :

Hi, any information on this plugin's WP 2.6 compatibility?


36 On August 20th, 2008 Twisted (S!) typed :

Hey Whoo! Loooooong time no talk! I just wanted to let you know, for some reason, certain email addresses can STILL register, despite being in the deadbolt list…?

For example: o2.pl or anything "pl" really. I even went through my list, and removed any duplicates and they are STILL registering. :x :cry: I'm not sure what to do about this…? And just recently, I'm getting mass registrations from whoever.


Now, some of those trailing addresses, are already in the "list" but still are registering as well. Some of these weren't added to the list yet, but will be soon. I'd hate to add "gmail.com" to the "list", because most respectable people use that… What do you think whoo?

37 On August 20th, 2008 Twisted (S!) typed :

Oh yeah, I'm using WP Trunk version. :D :wink:

38 On October 17th, 2008 Mike Vincent typed :

Will you be doing an upgrade so that this can be used with WP 2.6 and 2.7?

Its a fantastic plugin and I hate to be running wp without it.

39 On October 23rd, 2008 Ungar typed :

Version 2.6 near ready yet please?

40 On November 3rd, 2008 Star typed :

Looks like ignorance is bliss. So will there be an update for the latest wordpress installs? Or do we need to start looking elsewhere for a similar plugin?

41 On November 3rd, 2008 info typed :

stay classy, star.

42 On November 4th, 2008 Star typed :

:D Ok then, I promise :mrgreen: Thhis is such an important plugin to have for your Wordpress install and it would be so sad to go the way of so many other plugins. Having said that, I really do hope there will be an update soon that will see us able to use this great plugin for many more installs. :)

43 On November 17th, 2008 Flamingstar typed :

I just wanted to thank you for the 'nasty', patronising email that you sent to me. First, I will say that yes, most of these plugins are developed for free by other wp users, that I am aware off. Of course, a lot of the plugins pose a huge security risk. Why, because they are written by people that do not know what they are doing.

I will say that I just sent you a reply, as vitrolic as the one you sent to my email.

As to your plugin, if you cannot answer a simple question that someone asks then spare us all the humility of begging you for an answer when you havent got one yourself.

Obviously you are just another example of an individual that thinks people owe you something. The only thing people deserve is a little respect from you and you will get it in return mate so spare the patronising attitude for you own ilk!

44 On November 17th, 2008 whoo answered:

I haven't sent you any e-mails, and this plugin is not being developed by me at this time, for reasons that are outlined well-enough on this blog that I don't feel like I need to re-explain them here.

A quick Google search will net you plenty of alternatives.

village-idiot.org -- WP-Deadbolt
village-idiot.org -- ips not domains
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